The artist Dusan Mocko,

born 1962 in Slovakia, uses mixing techniques to produce his works of art. Being familiar with the work of a restorer due to his studies in Bratislava / Slovakia, he keeps reintegrating elder techniques just like polyment gildings and multilevel transparent ink, and combines these with new methods. Wooden plates always serve as basis. Dusan Mocko repeatedly lets his paintings appear three-dimensional using his experience as sculptor. That is why only very few of his works are two-dimensional and frequently contain elements like holes, removed parts or added elements within the wooden basis. His large size paintings reveal a new form of art: He reproduces natural-sized photos shot by himself onto the wooden material and repaints them with acryl so that they get a collage-like character.

The large sculptures contain copies of models, also natural-sized, which are afterwards poured in epoxy resin and treated on the surface. The combination and integration of various materials like stone, bronze, epoxy, wood or iron may put these sculptures into connection with installations or sculpture collages.

Contrasts play an outstanding role in Dusan Mocko`s works. The use and conditioning of various materials puts even more emphasis on topical contrasts. The sculptures show both even and raw, deeply structured surfaces. Partly, strongly artificial colours are put into contrast with classical and common themes.

There are various influences the artist gets his inspirations from. Besides personal experiences, his studies at the Academy of Arts and his profession as art dealer are playing an important role here. That is why he likes to reuse antiquities, central topics of art history, mythological topics and motives of important historical artists and put them into a subjective context.

He says: “Anything is yet present, we are surrounded by it and we have to find it and make it happen.”